Student assistants

Matthias Frey

In October 2016, I began my studies for the Master’s Degree in Political Science at the University of Bremen with focus on public policy and comparative politics. Before that, I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Politics and Public Administration at the University of Konstanz with a thesis about the reintroduction of the data retention law in Germany. In the last three years, I became increasingly interested in the field of law and order politics.

From June 2016 until June 2017, I co-organized the student’s-research project #Energienetzwerke, funded by the Foundation of German Business (Stiftung der Deutschen Wirtschaft – sdw) and the innogy Foundation for Energy and Society. In this project, we analyzed the public discourse about the energy transformation in Germany between 2013 and 2017 in quality newspapers with a discourse network analysis.

In the working group of Tinette Schnatterer, I’m involved in data-preparation, especially data from the Politbarometer, monthly published in the second channel of German television (ZDF), and press releases by the factions of parliamentary parties in the German Bundestag.

Besides my study, I’m an active member of the Young European Federalists (JEF) in Bremen, a nonpartisan, pro-European youth organization. During the last years, I co-organized an excursion to Brussels, several weekly meetings and other activities for JEF.

Qixuan Yang

I am an undergraduate student of Politics and Public Administration at University of Konstanz, funded by a full-scholarship from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). From October 2015 on, I am enrolled in the highly competitive specification „Survey Methodology“ in our department. Recently, I have received the offer of Social and Economic Data Analysis (M.Sc.), an interdisciplinary postgraduate program from the University of Konstanz.

My research interest lies in quantitative and computational social science. Thematically, I concentrate on the measurement of public opinion and the dynamics between opinion and policies. For the latter focus, I am analysing the political impact of public opinion based government-led surveys in Germany in my forthcoming Bachelor thesis. Meanwhile, I am assisting Tinette’s research project on the Interaction of Public Opinion and Public making specifically in the field of government-led surveys. Beyond the current research activities, I am also learning advanced statistical methods such as Bayesian inference and multi-level modelling, and following the development of research with digital trace data.

I speak Chinese, German and English fluently and have first experiences in public speaking and debates in these three languages. I have been teaching tutorials about the empirical social science methods and statistics at our Department, and received high ratings and much appreciation among my fellow students. I am also a member of the Jugend debattiert Alumni e.V., a German national network of the best students who won the debate competition „Jugend debattiert“.